Monday, May 7, 2012

Its about time!

Finally, I'm starting a blog.  Its a decision I've contemplated for about 2 years, and after making it my "New Year's Resolution" I'm finally getting started... in May.

To introduce my blog, I'll start by first introducing my self, my passions, and my reason for blogging.

My story starts on a family farm in Martin County, Minnesota.  I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota and returned to my hometown.  I work for a regional seed company, farm part-time, and try to be involved in the community, not necessarily in that order.  I love being around my family, walking in my own corn field, or sitting at the end of my dock with a fishing pole in hand.  I'm starting a blog for many reasons.  I've noticed that since leaving college, I never get to write anything besides an email and I actually missed it.  I also wanted to place to collect my thoughts, share my views, and join the agricultural blog-o-sphere. 

#CountryLivin is a twitter tag my older siblings often used when returning home from the cities for the weekend.  They highlighted a lot of the things I take for granted while living in smalltown America.  Whenever I see it I feel grateful for where I live, the passions I have, and the family that surrounds me.

Pic:  This is my Family Farm as it was throughout my childhood.  So many memories, stories, and people come to mind when I look at this picture, but soon